Beispiele für Individuelle Zapfsäulen

Cornelius specialise in bringing bespoke new fonts to market, working direct with Brands team and in conjunction with design agencies.

Cornelius has expert knowledge in finishing, lighting, condensation and icing on fonts, merchandising print as well as Industrial design and part design for manufacture processes. We have both rapid prototyping and font prototype capabilities to efficiently assess designs and enable design sign off. With great knowledge in the Beer business and from across the Cornelius group in user interface and interaction and sensing technologies we can help the brand reach further than the structural look of the font.

As well as fully bespoke new fonts, Cornelius has developed the Xpression range that act as building blocks. This enables bespoke fonts to be created where the only new parts are brand specific. This is a very cost efficient way of achieving new fonts with much shorter lead-times than normally achievable.

Cornelius are ISO 9001 accredited, projects are run within this working closely with the customer from first meetings to full production release.