Cornelius is the world's leading supplier of beverage dispense and cooling equipment. We manufacture and market an extensive range of beverage dispense systems for beer, cider, juices, teas, frozen drinks and more, as well as ice makers and a complete line of accessories. 

Our products are the choice of the world’s leading beverage brand owners, restaurants, convenience stores and hospitality chains. To view a full range of Cornelius products please visit the below websites. 

Visit www.cornelius.com or www.cornelius-emea.com

Our deep rooted partnership with key customers is crucial

With decades of experience behind us, along with the resources of the Group, we are uniquely positioned to identify new market needs and develop innovative, technically advanced solutions.

Years of applying these principles and technology solutions have resulted in a long legacy of innovative products for the beverage dispense industry. Consequently, Cornelius can continue to quickly develop new solutions to meet the changing needs of the beverage industry.

We have strong partnerships across the globe with leading suppliers of beverage offerings. Our dispensing solutions stay up-to-date with food service retailers' demands for solutions that are more sustainable and use less energy, are flexible to dispense more beverages in less space with increased reliability and lower life cost to operate. Our commercial sales teams are skilled in assessing the unique requirements of each outlet in any industry, in order to provide tailored technical specifications and the ideal dispense solution.

We operate across four main global regions: Europe, North America, Central and South America and Asia-Pacific. We have manufacturing sites in the USA, Mexico, UK, Germany and China, and sales offices in several other countries around the world. We take pride in offering outstanding service and support at a local level.