At Cornelius, we are not only responsible for our customers and our current or past employees - we also see it as our duty to take responsibility for other people and our environment. By doing so, we contribute to saving the balance between economy, ecology and society.

For us, we have placed the idea of  "sustainability" on top of our agenda. This agenda defines our goals not only in terms of commercial success but also concerning our impact on the society, our consumption of energy and resources, or the number of employees and our contributions in further education. Of course, taking this responibility means far-reaching consequences.

On the one hand, our employees continuously optimize our production processes to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of producing innovative, high-quality products in a most environmentally friendy, energy-efficient way.
But also, our commitment extends over our company borders:

Commitment to the society and science:

• we cooperate with local schools to give their pupils an insight into what working life is like
• we invest in public funds like the McDonald's Childcare Fund or Unicef


• we motivate our employees to frequently attend further education programs
• we conduct internal training courses on a weekly basis
• as an international company, we guarantee equal opportunites for anyone, anywhere
• we refuse to contribute to the "Generation Internship" phenomenon, and hence were admitted to the community of "Fair Companies"

On climate- and environmental issues

• to reduce our carbon footprint, we recently upgraded our heating system, implementing state-of-the-art technology
• our waste and scrap management focuses on waste recycling.