Cornelius brings a premium beer dispensing option to retailers with exciting new capabilities. Consumers are now able to have several different flavours added to their beer or cider at the point of dispense, utilising the Cornelius multi flavour valve technology. This feature makes for a new and unique experience to each consumer based on their own preferences, with thousands of flavour combinations possible.

The addition of flavour in beer or cider increases variety without requiring separate brewing and packaging options. Cornelius is able to provide this capability with just a base flavoured beer or cider and your favourite flavours to make it a truly customisable experience.

  • BARTENDER SIDE: touch screen or handle pull dispense
  • CONSUMER SIDE: touch screen display for consumer engagement or flashing flavour selection
  • Houses up to two base beers and eight different flavours
  • Ability to mount on bar counter or mobile fridge system
  • IoT (Internet of Things) CAPABILITY: temperature of pour/drinks served