​Market Research: How Energy Efficient is your Beer Cooler?

​Market Research: How Energy Efficient is your Beer Cooler?

The days of cheap energy are now gone and the need for energy efficient beer cooling products has now become essential to enable pubs and bars to reduce their energy consumption and improve profitability.

In field trials conducted in 2015/2016, we upgraded 107 coolers in the 52 pubs to the Cornelius ecoFLO® Smart Pump System. During the trial, we saw an average kWh saving of an incredible 50.9%. That would equate to annual savings per cooler of £163.31 (£0.10 kWh). (Check out the infographic below)

The ecoFLO® Smart Pump System achieves increased energy savings by using variable speed technology controlled by integral thermal sensors located within the pumps cooling python. This allows the pump to speed up and slow down based on how busy you are.

There is also no need to turn off the remote beer coolers at night, which in the past, has led to increased risk of wasted beer. The ecoFLO® Smart Pump has a smart controller which allows you to select your trading patterns ensuring that the python is maintained at the required temperature keeping the beer fresh, whilst achieving optimum energy savings.

Cornelius is renowned globally for delivering reliable, high-quality beverage merchandising and dispensing solutions. Our dispense equipment is of proven quality and performance providing reliability and superb levels of serviceability, whilst significantly reducing operational costs and energy consumption. The ecoFLO® is part of Cornelius’ Advanced Beer Cooler Technology programme, aimed at disrupting the industry status quo to focus on modern design, energy efficiency and operational excellence.

If you would like to find out how much energy you could save by upgrading, use our energy saving calculator.

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