Brau Beviale 2016

Brau Beviale 2016

The Beer Equipment Division of Cornelius Beverage Technologies was created in 2014 as part of the segmentation and focusing of the Cornelius Beverage Technologies group.

Cornelius has exhibited at Brau for many years and this year will be no exception with the Beer Equipment Division taking a prominent role.

At Brau in November we will be launching...

An exciting new addition to our range of beer coolers developed under the Advanced Beer Cooling Technology program.

This industry leading new cooler is a further development of the ColdFLOW 5 HCe remote cooler launched earlier this year that has been enthusiastically received and adopted by a number of brewers and retailers as they seek to reduce energy and service costs. The highly advanced energy efficient Coldflow 5 remote cooler range incorporates the ground breaking ecoFLO Pump System®, which itself can deliver in excess of a 40% energy saving even when installed into an ordinary cooler. The design brief of this new innovation included mirroring the enhanced Cornelius remote cooler range drinks performance and energy saving technologies whilst providing the dispense sector with a revolutionary style of draft beer cooler which will radically improve the installation, service and repair of Remote Beer Coolers simultaneously reducing the costs currently incurred in each sector of a coolers operational life cycle.

And showcasing...

Xpression fonts: The flexible branding solution for beers and cider. Our Xpression range provides versatility in brand communication at the bar giving you the creative freedom to select the shape, colour and design you want for your brand tailored to your budget. Xpression is perfect for smaller, niche brands and seasonal or promotional specific beers and ciders.

  • 3X Xpression Fonts will also be active on the bar serving beer and displaying the latest in video display branding

1+4 Unit flavourshot: Cornelius brings a premium beer dispensing option to retailers with exciting new capabilities. Consumers are now able to have several different flavours added to their beer or cider at the point of dispense, utilising the Cornelius multi flavour valve technology. This feature makes for a new and unique experience to each consumer based on their own preferences, with thousands of flavour combinations possible.

ColdFLOW 5 HCe: The coldFLOW cooler range delivers exactly what it promises: high performance cooling, durable design and robust reliability

  • Delivers up to 70% reduction in energy costs versus industry standard coolers
  • Up to 50% improvement of component life
  • 10-year design life
  • Improved reliability and reduced service cost

ecoFLO® Smart Pump System: Enjoy up to 42% immediate energy savings by switching to the Cornelius ecoFLO® Smart Pump System designed to fit all industry standard cellar remote beer coolers.

  • Uses up to 42% less energy consumption than standard products
  • Patented Smart Controller allows full customisation to suit all pubs, hotels, restaurants & stadiums
  • Pump design life of 10 years
  • Retrofitable into all industry standard cellar remote beer cooling technology
  • Improves longevity of key refrigeration components reducing down time

ecoFLO™70: is a powerful HFC-free beer cooler which operates using with the natural refrigerant Hydro Carbon (R290). This and more innovative elements like the variable speed of the recirculation pump could save you a considerable amount of energy resulting in less energy costs, as well as being good for the environment.

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