​2016 was HUGE for Cornelius Beer…

​2016 was HUGE for Cornelius Beer…

It was a year of NEW INNOVATIONS, UNRIVALED EFFICIENCY and the #GAMECHANGER, here’s a selection of the best Cornelius Beer bits from 2016!

ecoFLO® Smart Pump System

The super-efficient ecoFLO® Smart Pump System was launched in April 2016 and it was met with great reception from the UK brewery market. Designed to fit all industry standard cellar remote beer coolers, the ecoFLO® Smart Pump System comprises a number of advances in technology, design and component quality including smart controller that keeps the beer at the ideal temperature whilst achieving optimum energy savings. Tests have demonstrated significant efficiency savings when compared to standard pumps, this was one of the factors that inspired Greene King to purchase several thousand units for installation into beer coolers in their managed and Spirit Group estates.

coldFLOW 5 HCe Cooler Technology

The coldFLOW 5 HCe Cooler Technology range hit the market in April 2016 and it hasn’t looked back with users enjoying unbeatable benefits. The flagship product in our Advanced Beer Cooling Technology range delivers high performance cooling with unrivalled reliability, thanks to its durable and energy efficient design. Tests have shown that the coldFLOW 5 HCe cooler provides up to 70% reduction in energy costs when compared to other industry standard beer coolers and such it has already been adopted by many of our UK customers, including Greene King.

Xpression Fonts for leading brands

We’re at the cutting edge of beer dispensing technology, from barrel to glass, and 2016 saw the launch of branded fonts for Sagres, John Smiths and Desperado’s, for Heineken UK. Our Xpression Fonts are our concept branding solutions from an existing standard but customisable font that are a unique and highly effective way for brands to stand out on the bar. Our brand communication specialists work closely with our clients, from concept and design, through to manufacture, to create unique eye-catching fonts that carry the Cornelius mark of quality. We are currently working with other major brands and have four new launches planned for 2017, watch this space!

Modular Beer Cooler

We unveiled the revolutionary Modular Beer Cooler at the Brau Beviale exhibition last November and it went down a storm. We called it the #GameChanger because there really isn’t anything else out there that compares! Delivering spectacular results in trials, the Modular Beer Cooler not only performs with the usual Cornelius efficiency, it is the most cost-effective cooler to install and maintain.

The modular design means it can be installed by a single engineer (other coolers require at least two) and parts can quickly be changed onsite as a first-time fix (other coolers generally need to be replaced – by two engineers) which means ongoing costs are kept to a minimum. We are always looking to save our clients’ money through unrivalled efficiency and the launch of the Modular Beer Cooler is a new innovation that has turned heads and is currently being installed across the UK.

Cornelius Beer Division is at the forefront of beer dispensing technology; from barrel to glass we help our clients’ to make money and save money.

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