Cornelius supplies ecoFLO® Smart Pumps to Greene King

Cornelius supplies ecoFLO® Smart Pumps to Greene King

Greene King, the UK’s largest pub retailer and brewer, has cut the energy used by its beer cooling systems by more than 50% through investing in Cornelius’ ecoFLO® Smart Pump System.

The new system will be rolled out across Greene King’s entire managed estate.

In addition to significantly shrinking each site’s energy footprint, the move will result in a reduction in operational costs and a reduction in the levels of Co2 being discharged into the atmosphere. The latter was a key driver in the pub company’s move to change systems.

The implementation of the system follows more than 12 months of performance and energy trials. The trials were conducted in more than 50 outlets and demonstrated an astonishing average energy saving of more than 50% per cooler when compared to the units fitted with industry standard pumps. 

The ecoFLO® is part of Cornelius’ Advanced Beer Cooler Technology programme, aimed at disrupting the industry status quo to focus on modern design, energy efficiency and operational excellence. In addition to significantly reducing energy costs, the system controls the run time of the cooler during periods when no beer is being sold, such as overnight, without impacting product cooling during serving sessions. 

David Carr, head of brewing and operations at Greene King, said: “With such a large estate across the UK, it’s really important to us that the systems we have in place are industry-leading and as operationally and environmentally efficient as possible. We’re pleased to be working with Cornelius to deliver the systems to our 1,800 managed sites and look forward to seeing the fantastic results!”

This exciting initiative is a key component Greene King’s environmental and sustainability policy. The business is currently 80% through the simple change out programme.

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About Greene King

  • Greene King was founded in 1799 and is headquartered in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. It currently employs 43,000 people across its main trading businesses; Pub Company, Pub Partners and Brewing & Brands.
  • It operates 3,000 pubs, restaurants and hotels across England, Wales and Scotland, of which c. 1,800 are retail pubs, restaurants and hotels, and 1,200 are tenanted, leased and franchised pubs. Its leading retail brands include Hungry Horse, Farmhouse Inns, Chef & Brewer, Flaming Grill and the Greene King Local Pubs estate.
  • Greene King also brews quality ale brands from its Bury St. Edmunds and Dunbar breweries, and is the UK’s leading cask ale brewer and premium ale brewer with brands such as Greene King IPA, Old Speckled Hen, Abbot Ale and Belhaven Best.

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