The Modular Beer Cooler

The Modular Beer Cooler

We’ve just launched our Modular Beer Cooler, the latest development of our Advanced Beer Cooler Technology.

We chose the Brau Beviale Expo on 8 Nov 2016 to launch the most advanced beer cooler ever to hit the market, we firmly believe that this is a #GameChanger and will be the benchmark product in our sector for years to come.

The brand Cornelius is synonymous with quality and energy saving performance, but like all beer coolers to date, they are heavy, cumbersome pieces of essential equipment and with this comes inefficiency.

Traditional beer coolers require at least two engineers to move, install and commission. Issues with the systems often require a full replacement, cause downtime and end up costing an excessive amount of money and time.

The new Cornelius Modular Beer Cooler puts all of this behind you!

As well as providing unbeatable energy saving, the Modular Beer Cooler is quick and easy to assemble by a single engineer. The Modular design and build means that parts can quickly be changed onsite as a first time fix.

  • Single engineer installation
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • 80% of unit is fit and forget
  • First time fix repairs
  • Only the fridge module requires refurbishment
  • High performance, energy efficient design
  • 10-year design life
  • Lower handling and transport costs

For further information, simply add your details below and a member of our sales team will contact you to discuss your specific requirements. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with all our Modular Beer Cooler updates.

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