Cellarbuoy FOB Detector

The Cellarbuoy FOB Detector is a highly effective low cost mechanical device which provides reliable protection against fob and waste product.

When the end of the keg is approaching the Cellarbuoy works by shutting off the product flow preventing fob entering the line between the cellar and the point of dispense.

This reduces the amount of wasted product and down time on keg changeover.

  • Significantly reduced wastage; increasing profit made on each keg
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Suitable for CO2, Mixed Gas and pump assisted installations
  • Industry proven technology
  • Industry standard 3/8" push in fittings
  • Capable of high flow rates
  • Compatible with all types of current beer line cleaners
  • Option for magnet/reed switch 'keg empty' signalling for use with solenoid tap

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