The CR™50  beer cooler from Cornelius Beverage Technologies Ltd is a highly efficient cooler equipped with our patented speed controlled agitator motor ensuring energy savings compared with conventional coolers.

The CR™50 cooler is designed to provide an effective cooler using innovative technology to match your beer dispensing requirements.

The variable rotation speed of the agitator motor guarantees less load and strain on key components resulting in significantly improved reliability and an increased life time of compressor, agitator motor, fan motor and electronic control.

Technical Specification

  • Nominal ice bank weight 4.1kg
  • Maximum ambient temperature 32°C
  • Mains supply 230V 50Hz
  • Refrigerant type R134a
  • Agitation type Variable speed control of agitator motor with pump
  • Max lift at minimum flow 5m
  • Product coil material Stainless steel
  • Variable speed agitation
  • Ice bank and temperature control from 3 to 11°C
  • Digital temperature display
  • 3 pin ice bank electrode
  • Water level indicator

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