Modular Beer Cooler

Recently launched, our industry leading Modular Beer Cooler is a further development of the coldFLOW 5 HCe remote cooler launched earlier this year into our market leading Advanced Beer Cooling Technology range.

The coldFLOW 5HCe range of remote beer coolers include the ecoFLO® Smart Pump System which helps it to deliver over 70% energy savings. The ecoFLO® Smart Pump System can be added to any standard cooler and will provide in-excess of 40% in energy savings.

Our latest development (launched at Brau Beviale in November 2016) is a global first for the beer cooler market, mirroring the Cornelius remote beer coolers range in performance and energy saving, whilst completely revolutionising the installation and maintenance procedure, and associated costs.

The latest Modular system can be installed by a single engineer, and it allows a first time fix for any service and repair calls, meaning that the new beer cooler from Cornelius is the most advanced product in sector, an industry first!

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