Carbon Footprint

We’re devoting our energy to saving it

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges for mankind and the natural world. We take the green challenge seriously.

As a company, we are committed to making the world a better place for future generations and to optimising the business environment for all our customers today. We are dedicated to improving products and processes continuously in line with the needs of our customers and our planet.

Reducing the carbon footprint

There is huge potential for a refreshed cooling offering, especially one with a minimal carbon footprint, which we have developed.

The ‘Advanced Beer Cooling Technology’ is a powerful HFC-free beer cooler which operates using the natural refrigerant R290 and other innovative elements, like the ecoFLO® Smart Pump System. The technology delivers up to 70% energy saving when compared to traditional equipment. This means remarkably lower energy costs plus lower carbon footprint for your business.

Thinking smarter – saving more

Knowing where and how to transform an existing system into one that is supremely energy-efficient is key to meeting today’s tough eco-requirements. With the Advanced Beer Cooling Technology we have made spectacular savings of up to 70% by using HC refrigerant, premium thermal retention, EC motors, intelligent electronic controller and the patented ecoFLO® Smart Pump System.