Natural Refrigerants

We are committed to improve our products and processes continuously, meet the requirements of our customers and also to take care of our environment. Therefore we started to research natural refrigerants for our cooling and dispensing systems, which are essential in being more sustainable to our environment and in providing a higher cooling efficiency. The natural refrigerants we were looking for should particularly have a low level of global warming potential (GWP) and an ozone depletion potential (ODP) close to zero to minimize the greenhouse effect.

Our research resulted in natural based Hydro Carbon Propane R290 (HCP) which is already today beyond the legal requirements associated with the EU Directive for automotive refrigeration which has been effective from January 2011.

Key features Hydro Carbon Propane R290 (HCP):

  • GWP factor of 3 (as opposed to 1300 for R134a)
  • ODP factor 0
  • Short life in the atmosphere of one year
  • Widely available compressor/supplier options
  • Higher volumetric cooling performance, less refrigerant needed