Brau Beviale 2016 Review


The Cornelius Beer Division finally released the pent up demand to see the latest phase of the Advanced Beer Cooling Technology program at the recent Brau Beviale exhibition in Nuremberg. The all new Modular version of the Coldflow 5 HCe cooler innovation was presented to many customers from across Europe enthused by this industry leading development.  Able to be installed, serviced and repaired in situ by a single engineer, it is a major step forward in minimising whole life costs while still delivering previously unseen levels of energy saving rendering this cooler the ultimate solution to those looking for sustainable beer cooling.

The entire Beer Division’s show was populated with innovation, from industry changing Beer Concentrate dispense, the all-conquering ecoFLO Pump system which has exceeded all performance and sales targets through this year, spectacular ‘Video Wall’ dispense fonts set to revolutionise the look and performance of customised dispensers to the experimental Slush Ice Cider dispenser currently undergoing laboratory development and trial. To complement this array of new product, Cornelius Beer presented the trusted and proven Dalex and BT dispense tap ranges perfectly complimenting the growing stable of brands which have converted to the cost effective, fast to market Xpression range of dispense fonts.  

The Cornelius Beer team were delighted with the enthusiastic reaction to its range of innovative developments and now have a busy time following up on the multitude of enquiries taken. To be contacted by a member of our sales team, simply enter your email address here.

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